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Q. How long does it take for the ground to settle before a Memorial Stone can be erected?

A. At least 6 – 8 months

Q. How long does it take to order a Memorial Stone?

A. Approximately 12 -14 weeks

Q. What do the 4 lines of Hebrew mean at the top of the Memorial Inscription?

A. Top line 2 letters in Hebrew mean “Here Lies”

2nd Line is the “Hebrew name”

3rd Line is the “Hebrew date the deceased passed away”

4th Line is 5 Hebrew letters which mean “May His/Her Dear Soul Rest In Peace

Q. Are there any extra charges or hidden charges on top of the cost of the Memorial Stone?

A. No.  All prices include VAT, Synagogue charges, foundations and all lettering required. However, this does not include Southern Cemetery or Gigg Lane, Bury Cemetery as extra charges apply

Q. Can I put any wording I wish onto a Memorial Stone?

A. All wording has to be checked and passed by the Synagogue involved

Q. How often does a Memorial Stone need to be cleaned once it has been erected?

A. Granite Stone, being non-porous do not require a lot of cleaning, just a wash down with water approximately once a year.  

Marble, being a porous material requires more specialist cleaning

Q. Can I take insurance out on the Memorial Stone for damages?

A.  Yes, but this requires a separate insurance policy, please see our products page

Q. Will the colour or shading of the Memorial Stone be an a exact copy of the one I saw in the showroom or brochure?

A. The colour and structure of any Memorial Stone seen in the showroom or brochure only represents the general appearance of the material. Variations in the colour and structure are part of nature and thus unavoidable.